How to replace the oven electronic control board


Electronic control boards in ovens are used to control all the functions in an oven. Control board operates the safety valve of an oven or a gas range. It also operates the broil and bake elements on the electric range or oven. If the power does not drive towards the element circuits or the igniter circuit, you probably need to examine the oven control board to confirm whether there is enough power at the suitable output relay. If you do not find the output voltage, you need to replace the control board.

Replacing the oven control board becomes easy with systematic instructions given below. (Part Number: WPW10114376)

Step 1: Remove the Panel and Disconnect the Wires from the Control Panel
1.1 To remove the back access panel, first remove all the screws.
1.2 Lift the panel off and keep it aside.
1.3 Remove the wires off the control panel and unplug the wire harnesses.


Step 2: Remove the Electronic Control Board
2.1 Remove two screws that hold the electronic control board.
2.2 Carefully pull the electronic control out.


Step 3: Assemble the New Electronic Control Board
3.1 Remove the protective film from the new electronic control.
3.2 Place the electronic control into the mounting bracket and replace the screws.


Step 4: Plug the Wire Connectors and Reassemble the Back Panel
4.1 Attach the plugs back in the wire connectors in the same spot you took them off.
4.2 put the back panel on and close it up with screws.
4.3 Plug the appliance back and test it out.



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