Get The Best Cooking Results from Your Oven


To get the best results from your oven, read and follow the guidelines below.

Storage Temperature: Foods taken from the freezer or refrigerator take longer to cook than the same foods at room temperature. Hence, it is wise to have the food item at a room temperature before cooking. When you get the food out of the refrigerator, ensure that does not get contaminated.

Size: Small pieces of food cook faster than large ones, pieces similar in size and shape cook more evenly. For even cooking, reduce the power level when cooking large pieces of food.

Natural Moisture: Very moist foods cook more evenly because microwave energy is attracted to water molecules.

Stir foods such as casseroles and vegetables from the outside to the center to distribute the heat evenly and speed cooking. Constant stirring is not necessary.

Turn over foods like pork chops, roasts, or whole cauliflower halfway through the cooking time to expose all sides equally to microwave energy.

Place delicate areas of foods, such as asparagus tips, toward the center of the dish.

Arrange unevenly shaped foods, such as chicken pieces or salmon steaks, with the thicker, meatier parts toward the outside of the dish.

Shield parts of food that may cook quickly, such as wing tips and leg ends of poultry.

Let It Stand: After you remove the food from the microwave, cover food casserole lid and let it stand to finish cooking in the center and avoid overcooking the outer edges. The length of standing time depends on the density and surface area of the food.

Wrapping in waxed paper or paper towel: Sandwiches and many other foods containing prebaked bread should be wrapped prior to microwaving to prevent drying out.

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