Easy And Quick Fixes For Common Appliance Issues


Electronic Oven Controls

7What happens is that when you set a particular “time cook” function of the oven, it will not turn on until the time appointed to it arrives. It is just like a pre-programmed VCR. Blaming it on the technology won’t be wrong. You might have done this unintentionally, but in case the digital display reads “delay”, “time cook”, or “hold” perhaps the timer is engaged. When this happens, you should clear it by pressing the “off” button. If you are using ovens having dials, make sure that the knob is kept as “manual.”


8While rocking, a washing machine cabinet tends to make terrible commotion throughout its spin cycle. Wondering what the solution is? You simply have to readjust the legs. Screwing the front legs down or up till the cabinet is balanced can avoid this problem. Once both the legs are firm on the ground, tighten the locking nut of each leg. In many washers, you slightly have to tilt the washer forward and lower it down in order to adjust rear legs. The legs will then get self-adjusted with the movement.


9If the dryer is not heating, the first thing you need to do is check the settings. At times the machine is set as “fluff air” which is a non-heat setting. One more reason for poor drying can be clogged lint filter. Even though the filter looks clean, it can be covered with an almost invisible film which is caused due to dryer sheets. As a result, the airflow is reduced causing the thermostat to shut down the heat long before your clothes get dry.
You can check your filter by pouring some water in it. if the filter is holding water, you need to clean it. Take the filter out and clean it thoroughly with warm water and a bit of laundry detergent using a firm kitchen brush. You also need to check the exterior dryer vent if it has any lint built up on it. The door-style vent cover tends to attract too much lint buildup which also traps heat. This also turns off the heat in the dryer. You should pull out the cover completely and clean the clogs.

Air Conditioner

10Turning your air conditioning system on and off multiple times rapidly can blow a fuse or can also destroy a circuit breaker. Your air conditioner won’t respond anymore. The reason is probably because the compressor that is placed in the exterior condensing unit must have stopped being in a very high compression mode. It makes it difficult for the air conditioner to start till the compression is released. If it’s an old condensing unit, it might switch on the compressor causing the circuit to overload hence blowing a fuse.
However, smarter and newer condensing units can save you from this blunder by simply delaying your air conditioners “on” function for some time. It is easy to misunderstand this delay taking it as a faulty AC. Just stay calm and giver your air conditioning system around five minutes to get on.


11If your dishwasher is not able to get the dishes clean any longer, a filter filled with food is certainly to be blamed. If the filter is clogged, water is not able to get towards the spray arms and hence the dishes of the top rack stay unclean. It just takes two minutes to fix it. all you have to do is remove the dishwasher filter cover of the lower rack by pulling it out. If you are not able to spot the filter, you can refer your owner’s manual. Once you get the filter, use a wet vacuum and clean the screen.
When you do this, slide the float switch up-down. If it seems to be jammed with cheese and mac, you will not get any water. If you see the cover sticking, shake it up and down cleaning it with water.


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