How Long Do Your Home’s Systems and Appliances Last?


How wonderful would it be to purchase a home appliance like a furnace, washer, or an oven and realize that you will never have to spend more money to buy the same again? But Unfortunately all the systems and appliances you buy have lifespans. When you use them consistently for years, all their mechanical parts tend to get worn out and gradually stop working. This is when you end up with a need to buy a new system or appliance.
Here is an infographic providing you information about the average lifespan of some commonly used appliances and an average cost to replace them.



1 Comment How Long Do Your Home’s Systems and Appliances Last?

  1. Sarah Smith

    I want to take good care of my appliances. Thanks for the advice about how an oven lasts about 13-15 years and costs about $1000 to replace. Something else to consider is to get your appliances repaired by a licensed professional.


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