DIY Recipe For Stainless Steel Cleaner And Polish


Did you ever experience a moment when you have a brilliant idea and then felt totally proud of yourself for thinking about it? Yeah, well that’s exactly how I felt about this cleaning tip I am going to reveal. It will totally transform your stainless steel cleaning routine.

I’ve been using a mixture of white vinegar and water in equal proportion as a cleaning solution for my stainless steel appliances.

It seems there are various opinions on this matter, but as per my experience, if you clean your stainless steel surface with vinegar water mixture first and then use little bit of olive oil on a microfiber cloth to buff, the results are excellent, enduring, and with zero adverse effects.

Back to my wow! moment. I have been using a microfiber cloth with some olive oil on it to polish my stainless steel finish refrigerator and it has done wonders. A paper towel can come to rescue if you fall short of a microfiber cloth. You can try this trick just in time to clean all the extra fingerprints coming with feasting and Thanksgiving making.

Follow the usage directions given below for a better understanding.
1. Generously spray the cleaning solution made up of water and white vinegar directly on the stainless steel surface.

2. Look carefully, and you’ll find that your stainless steel appliances have a discrete grain direction – it will be either horizontal or vertical. Take a microfiber cloth and wipe the stainless steel appliance while it moving with the grain.  You’ll see that some marks are wiped off, whereas others are still there. And that’s perfectly fine for now!

3. Allow the appliance to dry. Once it is all dried up, put some olive oil on a dry microfiber cloth and rub it on the appliance. This is one step that will actually erase those unpleasant fingerprint marks seen all over the appliance. It will also prevent them from appearing again.

So now, you have shiny, beautiful stainless steel appliance again.

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