Here Is How You Can Easily Replace Your Garage Door Control Board


Electronic garage doors are undoubtedly preferable and what makes them more efficient are the control boards within them. Garage door control board is considered to be its brain. It comprises of various a radio frequency receiver and various other control components.
In an event that the remote control doesn’t work appropriately or the garage door is not functioning normally, there are chances that the control board has failed and you need to replace it. Follow these simple steps mentioned below from our experts about how to replace and install an electronic garage door.

Step 1: Switch Off Power

  • Firstly, unplug the garage door opener accessing the motor unit and power cord. For easy access to the motor unit and the cord, use a step ladder.

Step 2: Detaching The Garage Door Opener and Keep It Aside

  • Always have someone to help you when detaching the garage door opener,
  • Place a table under your motor unit so that it holds the door opener while you start repairing.
  • Use a rope to release the trolley from the door.
  • Ensure that the sensor wires and wall controls are disconnected and close the light cover.
  • Remove the motor unit and place it on the work table.
  • Remove the rail by pulling out the clevis pin and disconnect the door and keep it aside carefully.

Step 3: Removing the control board

  • Carefully remove the light bulb and cover from the control panel
  • Access the wire connections
  • Disconnect all the wires from the control board
  • Remove the mounting screws and pull the garage door control board out of the panel.

Step 4: Connect the new control board

  • Join the antenna wires through the holes
  • Place the new board on the control panel
  • Fix it with the mounting screws of the new control board
  • Reinstall the light cover and bulbs

Step 5: Reinstall the door opener

  • Use the ladder and reinstall the motor unit using lock washers and bolts
  • Rejoin the wall safety sensor wires and wall control to the motor unit and close the light cover
  • Rearrange the trolley by rejoining the door arm to the trolley. You can use fastener ring and clevis pin to do so.

Step 6: Connect the electrical power

  • Connect the garage door opener

You just replaced your garage door control board without any professional help. How does it feel?

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