All About Operating The Dehumidifier.


If you are using a Dehumidifier, it is better to have precise information about the part. Here is some valuable information for your guidance.


Allow the unit to reach room temperature before operating. To begin operating the dehumidifier, follow these steps:

1. Plug the power cord into a properly grounded 110/120-volt AC outlet. Note the power indicators will illuminate.
2. To turn the unit on press the ON/OFF button. The unit will run in the factory setting of continuous and high fan speed.
3. It is recommended you leave the unit running in the continuous setting for the first three or four days until the sweating and dampness odors have stopped.
4. After a few days when the Relative Humidity has declined, press the humidity button to choose either 50%, 60% or 70%, so the room is kept at a comfortable concentration. The unit will cycle on and off keeping the desired level of comfort.
5. You can also use the fan button to change the fan speed to high, medium or low.
6. The indicator light will show the setting you have selected. A higher fan speed will result in quicker moisture removal
7. To shut the unit down, press the ON/OFF button.
Note: the power indicator will still be lit when the unit is turned off. Only removing the plug will extinguish these lights.
Removing Collected Water:

Emptying the Bucket:

1. When the bucket is full the unit will shut down and the bucket full indicator light will illuminate.
2. Do not move the unit at this point otherwise water may spill on the floor. Press sides of bucket gently to unclip the bucket from the unit and remove the bucket then empty it.
3. Replace the empty bucket back into the unit and once seated correctly the unit will start up again.
4. You should hear a click when the bucket is in the correct position.

Continuous Drainage:

1. For constant drainage operation, you will need a garden hose and a drain nearby to discharge the water into.
2. Remove the bucket from the unit and set aside. Lift up the side flap located on the left side of the unit as looking from the front.
3. Insert the female threaded end of the hose through the opening.
4. Screw the garden hose onto the threaded portion of the tray underneath the bucket opening.
5. Make sure the hose is secure so there are not leaks. Direct the hose toward the drain making sure that there are no kinks that will stop the water flowing.
6. Place the end of the hose into the drain.
Note: If the unit stops operating, check that the bucket full light is illuminated. If it is, remove the bucket and empty the contents and then check the seal between the hose and the drip tray. If there is a small leak, then replace the hose gasket and re-tighten the hose.
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